Looking for an experience as close to a wild bird hunt as possible? Then book your hunt now, it is awesome.

Irving Cryderman
5 Star

Great day at Pine Hill. Scott – thanks for training Sadie and getting her off to a good start. Also – thanks for helping my son knock down his first bird. Thanks to you, Sadie and Matthew will be spend many enjoyable days in the field together – hopefully they will let me tag along.

Tom Wight
5 Star

Tucker is so well behaved its like he’s a new dog!!! He was great in the field this past weekend! Thanks again Scott!

Terri Bunton-Lund
5 Star

Went out today for the first time with Scott, it was an excellent time and his dogs did a fabulous job. We will be out again. I would recommend this place to everyone. Top notch place !!!

Alan Olson
5 Star

Great place. Scott has a beautiful place. The dogs are awesome as well.

Chad Ordus
5 Star

nother great training day at Pine Hill Kennel. Great place to bring a young pup to introduce them to some birds. Scott really does it right! Thanks Scott.

Kurt Surratt
5 Star