Fall Turkey Hunting

Fall Turkey Hunting

Fall Turkey Hunting What Do You Need To Know? There are many surprising myths that are circulating about hunting. Many of them seem to center around turkey hunting during the fall. You have probably been told at one time or another that the fall is the worst time for turkey hunting. You were told male…


Calling Fall Turkeys

Your Top Tips For Calling Fall Turkeys

Your Top Tips For Calling Fall Turkeys Did you ever hear someone say that male turkeys only respond to calls in the springtime? If you have, now is the time to put that myth to rest. Toms don’t just gobble at one time of year, they gobble during the fall, too. Sometimes, in fact, they…


Pheasant in the grass

Michigan and the Pheasant

Michigan and the Pheasant – an Illustrious History Bird hunting and Michigan go together like coffee and cream. It’s no surprise, then, that Michigan pheasant farms have long been known for their fantastic shooting opportunities. The connection means many people think pheasant hunting in Michigan has always been a feature of life in the state.…


Gone Hunting

8 Must-Haves While Hunting

8 Must-Haves While Hunting Getting lost in the woods is the last thing that we want to happen, but it is also the first thing we should prepare for. A lot of things can happen in the field that make getting around without help hard, or weather can move in quickly and leave your group…


Hunting Wild Turkeys

6 Tips for Hunting Wild Turkeys

We love bird hunting in Michigan, and we are here to give you tips on catching one of the best game birds of Michigan: the wild turkey. We are one of the best Michigan pheasant farms, but, we also offer a variety of bird species for your hunting pleasure (including turkeys). Michigan bird hunting relies…


Top Three Tips For Hunting Turkeys In Michigan

Top Three Tips For Hunting Turkeys In Michigan Bird hunting in Michigan is one of the state’s top pastimes. Pheasants, quails, and turkeys are the three most popular game birds. If you are thinking of trying your hand at hunting turkeys, you might need some expert advice to make sure you are as successful as…


Pheasant Hunting

5 Tips for a Successful Pheasant Hunt

There are a lot of things we’ve found that make for a successful pheasant hunt. Here we’ve compiled 5 tips to help you with yours. HUNT NEAR WATER Oredson, the manager of Denman Wildlife Area in southern Oregon, and Holzhauser — whose Siskiyou County, Calif., ranch is rated as one of the best pheasant hunting…


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Michigan Bird Hunting

Michigan Bird Hunting Michigan Bird Hunting was in the air last week. We sure had a great time out there! As you can see from the pictures we had an amazing hunt. Bird hunting in Michigan is highly dependent on the weather. Let’s face it, If it’s really cold outside do you really want to…


Dog Days of Summer

IMG_20160803_165748 dhar-puppies

This time of year often limits your dog work to just the morning or evening training.  Sometimes during the heat of the day it’s fun to take a break and get in some fishing with your best buddy!