Dog Days of Summer

IMG_20160803_165748 dhar-puppies

This time of year often limits your dog work to just the morning or evening training.  Sometimes during the heat of the day it’s fun to take a break and get in some fishing with your best buddy!

Spring is on its Way!



Spring is definitely on its way bringing great hunting conditions and excellent fishing!


Cast and Blast

Castblast1 castblast2 castblast3 Castblast4

Spent a great day on the water and in the field with good friend Jimmy B from Muskegon River Outfitters LLC!

Mixed bag on the Muskegon

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Fished with good friend Jacyln today on the Muskegon River and we were able to find a few steelhead and a few nice brown trout!

Spring Steelhead Action!

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Dick and Jim landed a bunch of steelhead today and hooked many more!  It was an awesome day on the Muskegon River!

Muskegon River Chrome

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Mike usually hunts at Pine Hill with his hawk Thor but today decided to pick up a fishing rod and take advantage of  some of the spring steelhead action we offer on the Muskegon River!

Mo Steel

IMG_20140321_154415548 IMG_20140321_175237935 IMG_20140321_191846299

Was able to spend a little time hanging out with a Buddy.  He even let me land a couple.