Big Michigan Buck

Team Member Kylah Buikema

About Me My name is Kylah Buikema and I started hunting even before I could walk. My Dad, Grandpa, and Uncle would take me on hunts when I was little. I started hunting myself when I was 11 and shot my first deer with the bow I still have today. I also have been riding…


Pine Hill Drahthaar

Our Office Manager Marissa Alverson

Introduction to Gundogs      I was first introduced to upland hunting when I was a kid. My dad had English Springers, and GSP’s. Later on, I was introduced to the Drahthaar where I fell in love with the breed. My step dad (Scott) had two Drahthaars; Chief and Hillie that I’ve hunted over for…


Versatile Gun Dog Training

Great Lakes Chaper VDD-GNA VJP Training Day

VJP Training Day at Pine Hill Recently we hosted the Great Lakes Chapter of the VDD-GNA  for a training day at Pine Hill on the Big Prairie Farm.  Although the training days are mostly to help prepare dogs and their handlers for the upcoming tests they often become a FUN social event allowing like minded…


Upland Bird Hunting Community


WHAT IS M.U.E.? Michigan Upland Experience, otherwise known as MUE, is an organization that resides on Facebook as a community of  upland enthusiasts of Michigan.  “A digital campfire to tell stories that relate to the upland experience in Michigan. A place to put a few thoughts, memories, or simple happenings that come to mind about the…


Versatile Gun Dogs Hunting Pheasants

Breed Profile-Deutsch Drahthaar

  If you frequent Pine Hill with any regularity you will likely recognize a few of these types of dogs hanging around.  Here is an overview borrowed from the VDD-GNA website describing the breed we produce at Pine Hill.  Hopefully you enjoy! INTRODUCING THE DEUTSCH DRAHTHAAR The Drahthaar is a passionate hunting dog with industry…


Michigan Gun Dog

5 Fun Wintertime Activities for You and Your Gun Dog

With most hunting seasons now closed keeping your dog active throughout the winter can be a challenge. Cold, ice, wind, and snow can be a major deterrent for us but rarely is it a turnoff for our furry companions. Perhaps a few of these fun activities will motivate you to spend some more time in…


Fall Turkey Hunting

Things to Know about Hunting Birds in Michigan

Things to Know about Hunting Birds in Michigan Are you into hunting pheasants and other gentlemanly pursuits in life? Then, you should consider an upland hunting trip to Michigan. The Great Lakes State is famous for its inland lakes, farms, and industries. But, it also has some of the finest privately run bird hunting farms…


Michigan Pheasant

Michigan and the Pheasant

Michigan and the Pheasant – an Illustrious History Bird hunting and Michigan go together like coffee and cream. It’s no surprise, then, that Michigan pheasant farms have long been known for their fantastic shooting opportunities. The connection means many people think pheasant hunting in Michigan has always been a feature of life in the state.…


Gone Hunting

8 Must-Haves While Hunting

8 Must-Haves While Hunting Getting lost in the woods is the last thing that we want to happen, but it is also the first thing we should prepare for. A lot of things can happen in the field that make getting around without help hard, or weather can move in quickly and leave your group…