The Deutsch Drahthaar has been selectively bred for versatile hunting by testing inherited natural abilities, such as nose, search, pointing, tracking, cooperation, waterlove, retrieving, and temperament. This method has been used to develop the breeding stock from which all Deutsch Drahthaar are whelped.

A deposit is required to reserve a puppy in your name. The order of deposits received on a particular litter will be the order of puppy selection. If you plan to pick up your puppy (we encourage you to do so) it is important that you arrive on the prescheduled date and time so the order of selection may be maintained.

It is important to note that we can seldom look into the future and predict the sex or color ratio of advertised litters. Therefore, if the specific color or sex of a puppy is not available your deposit is moved to the next available litter. There is little difference in the litters we breed as all of our litters are bred to the same standard and our breeding sires and dams are of the utmost quality. When your request is specific to color and sex it may take a little longer to honor your request but be assured we will make every effort to do so. Once we receive your deposit for a puppy we will keep you updated.